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Violet Crumble releases a white chocolate caramel flavour in bite-size

Get ready for the nostalgia. 

Its been a big few weeks for honeycomb lovers after Caramilk dropped a surprise Hokey Pokey flavour across the country. Now it seems another iconic brand is set to do the same.

Aussie classic Violet Crumble was the ultimate childhood treat and now it’s set to release a white chocolate caramel flavour in bite-sized packs. Get set for a trip down memory lane!

The South Australian confectioner Robern Menz, came up with the caramel flavour after conducting a customer survey.

“When we first trialled the new flavour combo we instantly knew we were on to something. You bite into that smooth caramel flavour, followed by the shattering sharpness of the honeycomb and it smells incredible,” said Robern Menz CEO Phil Sims.

Violet Crumble has been getting quite the makeover after years of taking a backseat.

Last year it released a dark chocolate flavour and a Golden Gaytime spin off. Next, they launched into 2020 with a Violet Crumble Easter egg bunny.

“It’s been a challenging year for all Australians, to say the least, and we know that our sweet flavour combinations offer some satisfying relief and escapism, bringing some fun back into the day and shattering cravings,” Robern Menz CEO Phil Sims said.

This could be the most exciting caramel spin-off on the market! Pick up a packet for $3 at Woolworths and decide for yourself.

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