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3 things you didn’t know you could cook on the BBQ

And one interesting salad suggestion.

A barbecue in the backyard is one of Australia’s favourite past times. Perfect for a casual Sunday night with the family, a birthday celebration or even Christmas Day, a barbecue and the classic barbecue foods have a special place in the hearts of Aussie’s everywhere.

But did you know that what you can cook on the barbie goes beyond snags, meat and the occasional veggie?

Beefeater BBQ has teamed up with three of Australia’s top chefs to share their favourite (yet totally unexpected!) foods that they clove to cook on the barbecue.

Scott Bridger of May Street Larder and Bib & Tucker, WA

“Cos lettuce done on the BBQ creates an amazing char and flavour. Pair it with a liberal amount of dressing for a delicious and unexpected side dish. It adds a smokiness to a dish and the leaves sweeten slightly.”

Scott’s tips for cooking Cos lettuce on the BBQ.

  1. You only want to cook one side and cook it very hot.
  2. Half the lettuce by cutting it down the middle keeping the core in, this keeps it all together.
  3. Brush the flat side with some olive oil and season with some sea salt.
  4. Get the grill as hot as you can then place it flat side down for 15-20 seconds or until a dark golden colour is achieved
  5. Carefully lift and let it cool for 5 minutes.
  6. Cut the core out with in a V-shape then top with your favourite dressing.

 “My favourite with this salad is a buttermilk, garlic and dill dressing with some rustic croutons.”

Richard Ousby, executive chef of Stokehouse Q and Stokehouse St Kilda, VIC

“My go-to is pancakes on the BBQ, it creates a delicious charred flavour.”

Turn your burners to half way and preheat for 5 minutes, spray a smooth hotplate with cooking spray and pour small circles of pancake batter. Top with grilled fruit. Grill fruit until lines appear on the flesh.

pancakes on barbecue
(Credit: Getty) (Credit: Getty)

James Viles of Biota in Bowral, NSW

“I love to grill seaweed on the BBQ, it’s delicious on its own or made up as a salad.”

Turn burners to low heat and toss on hot plate for 30 seconds, then mix through salad.

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