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These chicken nugget chips are going viral on social media

With over 27k comments!

If you’re a diehard chicken nugget fan (like the rest of us), now you’ve finally got your chance to try them out in chip form!

Coles has launched new deli-style chip in a limited-edition flavour of chicken nugget. The chip is a blend of seasonings that aims to recreate the iconic snack.

For the dessert lovers, the new range also includes an apple pie flavour that is sweeter with subtle spices and perfectly emulates the popular pastry.

Apple Pie Chips packet
(Credit: Coles) (Credit: Coles)

One Facebook user nabbed a packet of the Chicken Nuggets Chips and posted an image to the group Addicted to Bargains on August 24, since then the post has received over 27 thousand comments!

This begs the question, could this be their greatest limited-edition flavour yet? Many took to the comments to reminiscence over their favourite limited-edition chip’s flavours from Burger Sauce Chips, Lamington Chips to BBQ Ribs.

Coles Senior Product Developer Elizabeth Babic said the success of mash-up products has been overwhelming and the reason they wanted to create more fun concepts for shoppers.

“We’ve taken two more iconic flavours and mashed-them with our popular deli-style chips to create the ultimate snack at home and give our customers something unique and exciting that they cannot get anywhere else,” she said.

With the Facebook post of the chips quickly going viral, it’s safe to say these will be another big success for Coles product range that mashes up popular flavours.

“Just in case there’s ever a shortage of nuggets, we have a backup!” One woman wrote in the comments.

One woman joked, “Think we can put them in the air fryer?” with another joking, “Didn’t know I could be so attracted to Coles brand chips.”

One commenter made a mind-blowing suggestion on how to maximum the chicken nugget flavour.

“Coat your pre coated chicken nuggets in crushed chicken nugget chips,” they wrote.

While most were excited to get their hands on the new flavour, some were sceptical of what a Chicken Nuggets flavour could taste like.

“Or in other words, chicken flavoured,” she argued.

Pick up a packet for $3 at your local Coles and decide for yourself.

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