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12 delicious ways to use up leftover Easter eggs

Chocolate-y goodness!

It’s a familiar Easter Monday scene: the Easter bunny has come and gone and you and the kids have munched through as much chocolate as you can handle – yet a pile of chocolate eggs remains.

Sure, you could chip away at the chocolate egg stash over the coming weeks, or you could put them to good use by whipping up one of these 12 decadent chocolate desserts.

Whenever a recipe calls for chocolate pieces or buttons, just substitute the same amount in chocolate eggs. Too easy!

1. Raspberry and chocolate hearts

There’s no need to wait for Valentine’s Day to let your loved ones know you’re thinking about them. Send them a clear message by baking a batch of heart-shaped chocolate tarts. For a recipe that looks good and tastes good too, follow Fast Ed’s how-to guide. The short-cut pastry is easier to make from scratch than you’d think.

WATCH: Fast Ed makes raspberry and chocolate tarts

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2. Easter egg slice

Now for a recipe that specifically calls upon Easter eggs as the hero ingredient. This rich Easter egg slice features a crunchy base topped with rich chocolate. For a nut-free variation, replace the pistachios with a small handful of crushed pretzels before placing in the fridge to set. It’ll be the ultimate salt-meets-sweet hit.

Easter egg chocolate slice
(Credit: Benito Martin) (Credit: Benito Martin)

3. The ultimate chocolate pudding

Nothing warms the soul on a chilly night quite like an indulgent pudding, especially a chocolate-flavoured one. In his recipe, Fast Ed nails the quest to create a chocolate pudding that is equal parts spongey and gooey.

WATCH: Fast Ed makes the ultimate chocolate pudding

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4. Chocolate loaf cake

Don’t let the simplicity of this chocolate loaf detract from its deliciousness! Spongy and sweet, this cake is best served warm with a side of roasted pears and vanilla custard. It freezes well too – simply slice the loaf and wrap in individual serves before storing in the freezer.

Chocolate loaf cake
(Credit: Marina Oliphant) (Credit: Marina Oliphant)

5. Chocolate muffins served with ice cream and molten chocolate sauce

Beware; this chocolate muffin recipe is chocolate on chocolate on chocolate! Here, cocoa powder, melted chocolate and chocolate ice-cream join forces to create a chocoholic’s dream dessert. Balance the sweetness with a handful of fresh raspberries on the side.

Chocolate muffin with chocolate ice cream and sauce
(Credit: Andre Martin) (Credit: Andre Martin)

6. 2-minute chocolate mug cake

You can’t go wrong with a microwave mug cake when you’re craving maximum flavour for minimum effort. This easy recipe requires just 6 ingredients and yep, you guessed it, simply swap the dark chocolate chips for 1 Tbsp of dark chocolate chips for leftover Easter eggs. You’re welcome.

Chocolate mug cake

7. No-bake chocolate ganache tart

Look like a domestic deity without so much as firing up the oven. To make this no-bake chocolate ganache tart, simply combine the ingredients, place into a tart dish lined with baking paper, and pop it in the fridge overnight. The hardest part about this recipe is resisting the midnight munchies as you wait for the chocolate centre to set. Top with fresh raspberries and dust with icing sugar.

No bake ganache tart
(Credit: Andre Martin) (Credit: Andre Martin)

8. Chocolate hazelnut mousse cake

Take those foil-wrapped Easter eggs and turn them into a work of art by trying your hand at this elegant, chocolate hazelnut mousse cake. The biscuit-y base adds a satisfying crunch, while the chocolate and hazelnut filling is surprisingly light on the palette. Top with toasted hazelnuts and a dollop of whipped cream for a show-stopping dessert.

Chocolate hazelnut mousse cake

9. Caramel Slice

Of all the slice recipes, the humble caramel slice is perhaps the best. Crunchy and chocolate-y with a satisfying, smooth centre, this slice is ideal for using up leftover Easter eggs. Once the layers have set, use a hot, sharp knife to cut the slice for picture perfect squares.

Caramel slice squares on a white plate

10. Classic choc-chip biscuits

These addictive choc-chip biscuits are a great on-the-go snack or sneaky lunch box treat. Roughly chop up Easter eggs and throw them into the dough for a crowd-pleasing hit you can save for later. Once cooked and cooled (if you can resist eating them straight out of the oven), store them in an airtight container.

Choc chip biscuits on a baking tray
(Credit: Andre Martin) (Credit: Andre Martin)

11. Four layer caramel-crunch nougat brownies

It may be a tongue-twister, but this four-layer caramel-crunch nougat brownie will satisfy your taste buds. Preparing each layer requires a bit more effort than the standard slice recipe, but rest assured, it will be worth it!

Caramel nougat brownies

12. Tuxedo Strawberries

Want to feel a little less guilty about finishing off all the leftover Easter chocolate? Melt the eggs down into a delightful dipping sauce you can eat with fresh fruit. You can even get the kids involved by making Fast Ed’s fancy ‘Tuxedo Strawberries’ recipe.

Tuxedo chocolate dipped strawberries

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