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How to cook the perfect steak

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While we can’t all be world-class chef’s, there are still simple instructions even the most novice cook can follow. When it comes to steak, getting it right is the key to a perfect, juicy serving. Here’s how to do it. 

Choose your steak

Rib eye/ Scotch fillet

This steak is cut from the rib section, and can be cut with the bone in. It’s tender and has great flavour. It also has lovely marbling, and is best cooked to medium, to allow larger pieces of fat time to melt.

T-bone steak 

Oneo f Australia’s most popular steaks, T-bone is cut from the short loin and contains the best of both worlds the striploin (porterhouse) and tenderloin (eye fillet) – with a T-shaped bone between the two. The bone improves the flavour and helps keep the meat moist.


Rumb is one of the most affordable steaks and is considered to have the best flavour, however it is not as tender as other cuts.


This steak is cut from the thicker end of the loin. It is a very tender cut, with just the right amount of fat and marbling.

Eye fillet/beef tenderloin

Eye fillet/beef tenderloin is cut from the loin. The most tender steak you can buy, it has a mild flavour, with little fat, so can dry out if cooked past medium.

How to cook the perfect steak

1. Take the steak out of the fridge, season with salt and pepper, cover loosely and allow it to come to room temperature for about 30 minutes.

Step 2 (Credit: Marina Oliphant) (Credit: Marina Oliphant)

2. Brush the steak with a little olive oil to stop it sticking to the pan. It will help to seal the surface and ensure that the steak caramelises to a lovely deep brown colour, giving more flavour. Any marbling (little streaks of fat running through the meat) will help the steak stay moist during cooking.

3. Preheat the grill or pan to a very high heat It is really important to get your pan or grill as hot as you can. Use a heavy-based frying pan or a cast-iron grill – a hot barbecue grill is perfect – and don’t add oil to the pan, as it will smoke and burn. Cook steaks on both sides following Steak Cooking Times (see below). Don’t be tempted to turn the steaks until good searing marks are achieved. The meat is ready to turn when it comes away easily from the grill. Thicker steaks can be turned several times, as this helps ensure even cooking whilst keeping the meat moist.

Step 3 (Credit: Marina Oliphant) (Credit: Marina Oliphant)

4. Allow the steak to rest for about three minutes to allow any juices that have been drawn to the surface to relax back into the meat. Cover with foil to prevent heat from escaping

Step 4 (Credit: Marina Oliphant) (Credit: Marina Oliphant)

Cooking times

Based on a 2cm-thick sirloin or porterhouse steak on a very hot grill. 

Blue – 1 minute per side

Rare – 1 1/2 minutes per side

Medium rare – 2 minutes per side

Medium – 2 1/4 minutes per side

Medium well done – 2 1/2 – 3 minutes per side

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