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Coles now sell hot cross buns all year round

Apparently, they aren’t just for Easter.

Once upon a time, hot cross buns only appeared on supermarket shelves when the chocolate Easter eggs did. However, those sweet little cinnamon bread parcels are now going to available all year round, thanks to a very bold move by Coles.

From today and for the foreseeable future, Coles will now stock four-packs of delicious hot cross buns for just $3 in their baked goods section every day of the year.

Confirming the announcement with, Freddie Hancock, Coles category manager for in-store bread, said the supermarket will now be stocking hot cross buns due to customer demand.

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“Some things are just too good to not enjoy all year round. For many people, that includes a delicious hot cross bun,” says Freddie. “For weeks — and in some instances for months — our bakers were being asked by customers if we were still baking hot cross buns. So, we’ve made the decision to meet this demand by trialling a four-pack of hot cross buns available throughout the year.”

It’s a win for hot-cross bun lovers everywhere! And, if you happen to be interested, Woolworths are still stocking hot cross bun ice cream in their frozen isle – and it’s August.

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