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Caramilk ice-cream is finally here!

Get your sweet fix.

There’s no such thing as too much when it comes to Caramilk. If you count yourself a fan you’ve probably already tried the many spin-offs including baking chips, Easter eggs, and Twirl.

Just when you thought Caramilk couldn’t get any better, the team at Peters Ice Cream have partnered up with Cadbury to bring us Cadbury Caramilk Sticks.

There’s no need to choose between chocolate or ice-cream anymore, this moreish snack is a golden blend of caramelised white chocolate with a velvety cream centre. Made from real Caramilk, this super sweet dessert is said to taste exactly like a block of the cult chocolate.

(Credit: Cadbury) (Credit: Cadbury)

This isn’t the first Cadbury choccie bar to receive a frozen makeover, Oreo, Picnic and Crunchie have also been turned into family-sized ice-cream tubs. 

Sink your teeth into a Caramilk Stick as the delicious dessert is set to hit supermarkets this week. Though be warned, the frosty treat is expected to fly off the shelves.

Pick up a single serve for $4, or if one isn’t enough you can get your hands on a box of four for $8.50.

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