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19 mouth-watering strawberry recipes to make this spring

Naturally sweet and refreshing.
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The combination of sweetness and slight tartness of strawberries makes them a popular fruit to cook with.

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If you’re got a bunch of strawberries but aren’t sure what you want to do with them yet, we’ve got you covered. 

From retro classics with a modern twist to delightful desserts that evoke nostalgia, these recipes promise a burst of strawberry goodness in every bite. So, roll up your sleeves, grab your strawberries, and let’s get cooking!

1. Strawberry and cream sponge cake

best straberry recipes

This strawberry and cream sponge cake is a traditional teatime delight and will turn any afternoon into a special occasion.

2. Strawberry trifle

strawberry trifle best strawberry recipes

Making your own berry jelly and silky custard takes this classic strawberry trifle recipe to a whole new level of yum.

3. Dairy-free, no-bake strawberry cheesecake

dairy free cheesecake

This dairy-free, strawberry cheesecake recipe from from Em Swanston and Queensland Strawberries is not only a breeze to make but also offers a guilt-free twist on a classic favourite.

4. Dark chocolate and strawberry bountry bars

strawberry bountry bars best strawberry recipe

With a quick and easy preparation time of just 15 minutes (plus 2-3 hours of chill time), these strawberry bounty bars will satisfy your cravings.

5. Classic strawberry tart

classic strawberry tart

This classic srawberry tart recipe is a timeless treat that’s just like the one your mum used to make, or perhaps even better. 

6. Sweet focaccia with strawberries

strawberry foccacia recipe

Give this easy dough a dose of icing sugar and strawberries infused with balsamic vinegar for a stunning final course, any way you slice it.

7. Raspberry and strawberry lamingtons

raspberry and strawberry lamingtons

Add a little Aussie flair with these berry merry cakes. Ready in an hour, raspberry and strawberry lamingtons make the ideal last-minute treat.

8. Easy strawberry and blueberry trifle

strawberry and blueberry trifle

This luscious trifle combines jelly with a moist, liqueur-laden sponge, fresh seasonal fruit and creamy, dreamy custard. It’s a party on a spoon!

9. Strawberry coconut slice

strawberry coconut slice recipe

The wonderful strawberry slice gets a revamp with tropical-tasting coconut. Bake it for friends, or just whip it up and enjoy a piece yourself – the recipe is so easy!

10. Easy 3-ingredient strawberry mousse

berry mouse strawberry recipe

With only three ingredients and a a couple of steps, the biggest problem with this strawberry mousse recipe is deciding how much whipped cream to use!

11. Strawberry, date and mixed nut tart

strawberry and date tart

While this strawberry tart is easy to make, you’ll need to make sure you have some sharp knives for all the chopping involved, but you’ll soon be celebrating southeast Queensland strawberries! 

12. Strawberry and cardamom spoon cake

strawberry spoon cake

This wonderfully moreish strawberry spoon cake takes only 10 minutes to prep and 25 minutes to bake. 

13. Strawberry and almond frangipane tart

strawberry tart

Frangipane is a velvety almond cream filling for tarts. The frangipane is your tart base in this strawberry and almond tart recipe, saving you time as you don’t have to bake a crust. Easy!

14. Strawberry crumble scones

strawberry crumble scones

The tender crumb of a berry scone meets the crisp topping of a fruit crumble in this stir-and-bake recipe. Split them open and fill with whipped cream for an indulgent treat. You deserve it!

15. Lime yoghurt panna cotta with roasted strawberries

panacotta with strawberry and lime

Meaning ‘cooked cream’ in Italian, the yoghurt tang in this recipe makes for a smooth panna cotta that pairs fabulously with roasted syrupy strawberries. Fresh and light, these individual desserts will go with all your spring menus.

16. Summer strawberry and peach cheesecake tart

strawberry peach cheesecake tart

Beautifully encased in a rich olive oil pastry and topped with fresh fruit of the season.

17. Mini strawberry yoghurt bundt cakes

straberry bundt cakes

Piled with fairy floss and rose petals, these bite-sized bundt cakes have all the grace and style of beautiful swooshing dancing dresses.

18. Apple, rhubarb and strawberry crumbles

apple and strawberry crumble

This strawberry and apple crumble is a winning strawberry recipe combination. 

19. Brown butter almond cake with strawberries three ways

Brown butter almond cake with strawberries three ways

Whether cooked into the cake, caramelised into a sauce or used as a garnish on top, you can’t go wrong when cooking with strawberries – and this brown butter almond cake with strawberries is no exception. 

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