10 easy slow cooker dessert recipes

You can make cake, pudding and more in your slow cooker.

Wait, you can make what in your slow-cooker. Yes, you heard right. Desserts. When you think of whipping something up in your trusty slow-cooking machine, lamb shanks and pork shoulder usually are the first recipes that come to mind.

But did you know the nifty appliance that you reserved for savoury winter warmers can actually make divine desserts?

Think caramel pudding, chocolate cake and even a peach cobbler. Here’s our round-up of BHG’s top ten slow cooker desserts for you to treat yourself to.

1. Double chocolate self-saucing pudding

Folks will be pudding their hands up for seconds of this devilish pudding. Chocs away!

2. Butterscotch fondue

Butterscotch fondue

Fondue, passé? hardly. Rich, creamy butterscotch sauce—kept warm and melty in the slow cooker—is the sweetest thing on the spring buffet table. Other dippers to try— marshmallows, shortbread cookies … or just eat it with a spoon!

3. Blueberry and lemon curd bread pudding

The classic bread pudding we all love but with a berry tangy twist. Made in a slow-cooker, this no-oven recipe is super simple to make and sensational served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

With bursts of refreshing blueberry and tangy lemon curd, what’s not to love about this creamy bread pudding?

4. Simple chocolate cake

Slow cooker chocolate cake

A classic chocolate cake ‘baked’ without the use of a tin or the oven. Amazing!

5. Chocolate tiramisu self-saucing pudding

Chocolate tiramisu self-saucing pudding

While there’s no shortage of self-saucing puddings, this decadent chocolate pud is one to remember. With all the tiramisu flavours you love and spiked with liqueur, this boozy dessert won’t last long. 

6. Slow cooker peach melba cobbler

Slow cooker peach melba cobbler

Two stone-fruit classics, a peach melba and a peach cobbler become one in this dessert, and the results are divinely delicious.

7. Slow cooker lemon-raspberry cheesecake

best cheesecake recipes

Create silky, luscious cheesecakes with the help of a slow cooker water bath.

8. Slow cooker dark chocolate pudding with pears


By delegating dessert to the slow cooker, you can pour your heart into the main course and reward yourself with a steaming bowl of slow cooked self saucing pudding at the end.

9. Self-saucing sticky date and banana pudding

Self-saucing sticky date and banana pudding

Sticky date is always a hit with kids and adults. Serve with a dollop of cream for an after-dinner treat.

10. Slow-cooked steamed jam pudding


Sticky and crumbly all at once, this classic pud will top off any meal in style. Don’t fancy raspberry jam? Use your favourite flavour instead.

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