The low-calorie vegan ice cream you need to know about

Enjoy the creamy goodness without feeling guilty.

Ice cream is known to be one of the worst things to eat if you’re watching your weight, but one clever company has created a low-calorie ice cream that not only tastes delicious, but won’t leave you feeling guilty about indulging in a frosty dessert.

Halo Top ice cream tubs only have 280 to 360 calories per tub, has vegan varieties and is low in sugar, contains natural ingredients and has just a third of the calories that regular ice cream contains.

Halo Top has also just announced two brand new flavours: Peaches and Cream, and dairy-free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Both are now available at Woolworths.

halo top peaches and cream ice cream
(Credit: Halo Top) (Credit: Halo Top)

To celebrate the launch, halo Top has teamed up with Sydney’s Grumpy Donuts bakery in Camperdown to create two limited-edition dessert items: the fronut – an ice-cream donut sandwich for each flavour. And they are giving it away for FREE.

On February 13, the first 500 visitors to Grumpy Donuts in the Sydney suburb of Camperdown will get a free fronut.

halo top choc chip cookie dough ice ceam
(Credit: Halo Top) (Credit: Halo Top)

It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone, but feeling grumpy about it is more common than you might think. According to, last year 64 per cent of Aussies chose not to celebrate Valentine’s day at all. This year, Halo Top will turn frowns upside down on Galentine’s Day by inviting Sydneysiders to Grumpy Donuts to treat themselves with this delicious, insta-worthy dessert.

On what is Galentine’s Day? It’s a day before Valentine’s Day where women celebrate with the gal-pals they love! 

On Wednesday, 13 February, fans can come down to Grumpy Donuts located at 72 Pyrmont Bridge Road, Camperdown 2050. There are 500 Halo Top limited-edition desserts available absolutely FREE. Grumpy Donuts opens at 8am, and they’ll be there while supplies last!

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