7 spooky Halloween cupcake ideas

They're frightfully good!

Park your broom and step into the kitchen. Greet the ghouls haunting your house with creepy cupcakes made with easy decorating tricks. 

1. Monster cupcake

Halloween monster cupcake

Cut the rounded tops off cupcakes and place a large gumdrop on top of the cut surface, and place the purple-frosted top on top of the cupcake, tipping each top back slightly to form an open mouth. For each eyeball, attach a piece of black candy to a cut gumdrop on a slice of marshmallow. Insert a small piece of black liquorice into the bottom of the marshmallow slice. Press into the cupcake. For the tongue, use scissors to cut a piece of fruit roll-up into a tongue shape.

2. Silly spiders

Spider cupcakes

Start by covering each cupcake in white butter icing. Fit a decorating bag with a round tip No. 3 and fill bag with black icing. Pipe lines centre of cupcake towards edge to create “spokes”. Pipe curved lines to connect and complete web design. Secure a chocolate sandwich cookie on top of each cupcake with additional icing. Using a dot of black frosting, attach white candy eyeballs. Insert spider leg cupcake picks or use black pipe cleaners to create legs. 

3. Spooky eyes

Spooky eye cupcakes

Tint butter icing green and pipe it on to a cupcake in a spiral that gets smaller as it nears the top. Place several pairs of candy eyeballs on each cupcake for a spooky effect. 

4. Witch’s feet cupcakes

Witch's feet cupcakes

Add some pointy cardboard shoes to straws for some spooky upside-down fun. Get the full recipe here.

5. Super furry monsters

Monster cupcakes

Icing tubes fitted with a multi-opening tip scare up a good time on these cupcakes. For the finishing touch, pipe white frosting for the eyes, adding dots of black icing to perfect a piercing glare. 

6. Freaky frankencakes

Frankestine cupcakes

Tinted with green colouring, a fluffy marshmallow begins its transformation into a little monster. Black icing and pretzel sticks for bolts bring the cupcake topper to life. 

7. Sweetly mummified

Mummy cupcakes

Guests will get wrapped up in mummy-inspired chocolate cupcakes. Pipe white frosting into random strips across a cupcake. Dot of red and black icing form the penetrating eyes. 

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