This is the $4.40 Coles cake hack that is breaking the internet

The results are amazing.
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A $4.40 Coles mud cake has become one of the most hacked products of the year, sparking a dedicated Facebook page and hundreds of fans around Australia.

The chocolate cake is used a base for all manner of creative decorating, ranging from unicorns and mermaids to penguins and superheroes.

Coles chocolate mud cake
The $4.40 chocolate mud cake (Credit: Coles) (Credit: Coles)

Newcastle mother Jodi Bell created the Facebook page back in March 2018, when she wanted ideas for her daughter’s birthday cake.

“The page is a place people can come and find ideas and tips on how to make a hack in their own home,” she told Better Homes and Gardens.

M&Ms cake hack
(Credit: Jodi Bell) (Credit: Jodi Bell)
Decorated cake
(Credit: Cheryl Lawlor) (Credit: Cheryl Lawlor)
Stacey Gardner
(Credit: Stacey Gardner) (Credit: Stacey Gardner)
Penguin cake
(Credit: Cheryl Lawlor) (Credit: Cheryl Lawlor)
Fairy cake
(Credit: Stacey Gardner) (Credit: Stacey Gardner)
Christmas cake
(Credit: Lee-Anna Kelly) (Credit: Lee-Anna Kelly)
Decorated cake
(Credit: Stacey Gardner) (Credit: Stacey Gardner)

Unicorn cakes are the most popular, but “people have made wedding cakes, birthday cakes and engagement cakes,” she said.

The cakes are inexpensive to make. According to Jodi, a unicorn cake would cost $25 to make, while a professional cake would cost upwards of $100.

Unicorn cake hack
“I wanted to try it myself as the cost of cakes is just too much these days,” said Craigieburn mum Nez Edelbi (Credit: Nez Edelbi) (Credit: Nez Edelbi)

“I won’t pay a couple of hundred of dollars for cake when I can give it a go myself,” says Jodi.

Tamworth mum Shaye Potter created a detailed mermaid cake using two Coles mud cakes in chocolate and white chocolate.

Mermaid cake hack

“I just played around with the fondant, buttercream and the colours to get what I wanted, and I watched a lot of YouTube videos to help me along the way,” she explained.

Adelaide mum Bel Jones used a slab cake and mud cake from Coles to create “the illusion of a dance floor and stage”.

Disco cake hack
(Credit: Bel Jones) (Credit: Bel Jones)

“I placed the mud cake in the centre of the slab and covered it with fudge frosting and lollies galore,” she explained.

Top 7 cake hack tips

  1. Pop the cake in the freezer before decorating as it makes it easier to ice.
  2. Do a crumb coat first. Then pop it back in freezer before icing.
  3. If you’re using the Betty Crocker icing, whip it first.
  4. Use a sauce bottle to create drips down the side of the cake.
  5. Use a 30cm plastic ruler instead of an expensive cake decorating tool.
  6. Make sure the buttercream isn’t too runny because the cakes can slide.
  7. Leave yourself at least a few hours to assemble the cake – if not the day before. It always takes longer than you think.

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