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Celebrity Walkaround: Aled and Lucas Jones

Welsh singer, Aled Jones, was perhaps the world’s most successful boy soprano and 35 years later he’s still going strong!
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Johanna’s meeting a singer whose career highlights include recording 16 albums and selling more than six million of them, he’s performed for the Pope and the Queen.

Now also a TV presenter, radio personality, actor and author, this September Aled is returning to Australia to perform music from his latest album, Believe, and by his side is his son, Lucas, who is just twelve years old.

Johanna’s catching up with the talented twosome to chat about their amazing journey.

Aled is still on the road in Australia, to find out more, head to

Upcoming Tour Dates:

  • Saturday 29th September – St David’s Cathedral – Hobart, TAS
  • Sunday 30th September – St John’s Anglican Church – Launceston, TAS
  • Tuesday 2nd October – Our Lady of Mount Carmel – Melbourne, VIC
  • Wednesday 3rd October – Our Lady of Mount Carmel – Melbourne, VIC
  • Thursday 4th October – St Paul’s Cathedral – Bendigo, VIC
  • Friday 5th October – St Patrick’s Cathedral – Ballarat, VIC
  • Saturday 6th October – St Mary of the Angels Basilica – Geelong, VIC

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