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The top five night lights for your winter slumbering

Let there be light!

Looking for a beacon of light in the middle of the winter night or are you spooked by the dark?

We are all familiar with the struggle that is waking up in the middle of a cold winter’s night. So, to avoid the added inconvenience of colliding with a closed door, or tripping over the kids paraphernalia, prepare yourself ahead of time with a set of smart lights.

There is nothing worse than turning on the ceiling lights after waking from a deep slumber. If you prioritise those extra few hours of rest in the early mornings than dim-lit night lights should be at the top of your wish list. 

To make it all the more simple, we have rounded up the five best night lights with something suited to every budget and home. Read on to find the best one for you. 

The best night lights in 2024

Nightlight wall plug in
(Credit: Amazon)

ANYOUI night light wall plug in, $22.93 (usually $26.99), Amazon

There is nothing worse than turning on the central hallway light in the middle of the night. So, if you too are looking to avoid an over lit space at an ungodly hour of the morning, then opt for this set of six wall plug-ins.  

Key features:

  • Six pack plugs
  • Light emitting diode
  • 100 per cent fire resistant
  • 3000K warm white light
  • Dimensions: 18 x 7 x 7cm


MediAcous night light
(Credit: Amazon)

MediAcous night light, $36.69, Amazon

Cycling through a variation of velvety colours, this egg-shaped night light will send you, and anybody in line of vision straight off to cloud nine. 

Key features: 

  • Auto-cycle eight velvety colours
  • Made from toy-grade ABS and PC material
  • Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 11cm


Night light yamdrok
(Credit: Amazon)

Yamdrok portable night light, $19.99, Amazon

Not only does this lighting unit provide the convenience of a singular touch control, but with a portable hanging ring, you can take this dome with you as you like. 

Key features:

  • Touch control and dimmable brightness 
  • Portable hanging ring design
  • RGM lights
  • Type-C charger requires charge 2.5 hour time
  • Long battery life – faint and bright


YELKO night light
(Credit: Amazon)

YELKO motion sensor night light, $29, Amazon

With a long-lasting battery life, these energy-efficient and versatile lighting solutions hold the answer to illuminating the home come night time. Plus, with five varying degrees of luminosity, you can personalise the settings to suit you. 

Key features:

  • Five brightness levels
  • LED bulb
  • Motion sensor up to 3.6 metres
  • Portable and lightweight 


ZISUYU motion sensor light indoor
(Credit: Amazon)

ZISUYU motion sensor light indoor, $29.99, Amazon

If it is an outlet that you are missing, then worry no more! These stick-on wall sensors perfectly adhere to any surface, providing you with a lit pathway to the bathroom or kitchen at any hour of the night. 

Key features:

  • Pack of six 
  • Stick-on wall sensor
  • Smart and sensitive motion lights
  • Auto-off function after 30 seconds
  • Requires three AAA batteries


What is the best light to use at night?

When it comes to selecting lights that are best for nigh time, or early morning use, we recommend you find an option that operates on an automatic or sensor basis. Not only will this ensure optimal safety of the home, but with less light polluting the room during your slumber, you will be guaranteed of a quality rest. Additionally, and in our opinion, the best night lights also offer a dimmable function – allowing you to personalise the level of light appearing in your bedroom or hallways.

Is it okay to sleep with LED lights on?

Sleeping with LED lights on all throughout the night can hinder your sleep quality. Instead, it is recommended that you find a night light that caters to your sleeping behaviours. While it is fine to have an LED night light on while you are preparing for sleep, it is recommended that you also invest in a set of good quality motion sensor lights. Ultimately, this avoids both unnecessary electricity consumption and disturbance. 

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